In the Arms of the Alien

In the Arms of the Alien
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October 23rd 2016 by Soft Kiss Books

He invaded Earth and enslaved her body. She invaded his pants and took him to another galaxy.

Twenty-year-old Katy is thrilled to spend her spring break on the beach with her friends, until strange, muscular beings come forth from the waves, capturing women. When she wakes on a glittering and beautiful alien planet, Katy at first thinks she’s dreaming. Soon, however, she realizes the truth of her situation—she’s a prisoner. The women on the planet are treated as treasured slaves, and Katy yearns for her freedom, wanting only to escape and return to Earth. Abesi, the alien who brought her to his planet, has other plans for Katy. Although love between Abesi’s kind and their human captives is forbidden, he slowly begins to show Katy the depth of his feelings for her. Will his devotion lead to their deaths, or will true love conquer all on Earth and in the skies above?

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