Long As You Know Who You Belong To 3: The Finale

Long As You Know Who You Belong To 3: The Finale
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June 12th 2016 by Jessica Watkins Presents

Grey has had his fair share of drama since he landed in LA, but having to hold his dying fiance in his arms, knowing that the bullet was intended for him, takes the cake. A murderous rage overtakes him as he awaits news of Blaze's condition, and he's ready to body anyone he even thinks is involved. Before he can start his manhunt, he's thrown for a loop when the secret that his brother, Kimani, has been harboring threatens to ruin their newly re-built relationship. Kimani is bed to have the love of his life, Blu, back, but before he can help her remember why she fell in love with him, he has to make things right with Grey. Leaving Blu to fend for herself, Kimani doesn't realize that his negligence might lead Blu into the arms of someone else. Karma, Roman, and Israel are back, and each of them have their own agendas.

No one is safe, and some won't make it out alive. In the final installment of Long As You Know Who You Belong To, revenge, betrayal, sex and deceit play a major part in the explosive end of the Summers brother's story.

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