Royal Master

Royal Master
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September 18th 2017

Reckly throwing himself off cliffs and getting into trouble, His Royal Hotness, a.k.a pain in my arse, is used to doing what he wants, when he wants. But in the wake of an unthinkable family tragedy, bad boy Prince William is thrust into the limelight, called on to do his royal duty as the next heir to the throne. He’s cocky, controlling, and downright stubborn but it’s my job to rein in his thrill seeking ways, and make him into a proper respectable prince, not the notorious dirty rugged royal that he is.

However, William isn’t about to make it easy for me. Instead of tethering him to the ground, I find myself breaking all the rules. I try to resist him, but it’s futile. He won’t take no for an answer. He’s stormed the castle of my heart, conquered it, and refuses to leave. He demands my complete surrender. To get on my knees and obey my Royal Master… Author's Note: The first book in the Reigning Love series, Royal Master (90k words) is a steamy bad boy royal romance with fairy tale elements.

It contains no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

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