Dark Redemption

Dark Redemption
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August 30th 2016 by Limitless Publishing

Sofia Boon was ready to make changes in her life, but she didn’t see this coming… Taking a chance, she finds the nerve to ask out her handsome neighbor, but when he doesn’t show up for their date, Sofia knocks on his door and meets a man claiming to be his roommate, and she soon realizes she’s made a horrible mistake. Eitan Kent is a tortured man, haunted by a death he was unable to prevent… Eitan believes he is unworthy of being loved. He buries himself in his work and takes a job to track down a wanted criminal, Ben Donovan. He locates Donovan’s apartment, but finds it empty—until Donovan’s “date” shows up. Eitan doesn’t know what to make of sweet, curvy Sofia, but she’s the only lead he has… Feeling he has no choice, Eitan decides to take her with him to see if she can somehow lead him to Donovan before it’s too late—or if her innocence is all an act and she’s involved in the bastard’s crimes. Sofia is terrified and tries to explain to the dark stranger that she barely knows her neighbor and has no idea how to track him down, but Eitan knows exactly how to get the truth from her.

Who knew a little torture could be so sweet?

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