100 Days to Better Health, Good Sex & Long Life: A Guide to Taoist Yoga & Chi Kung

100 Days to Better Health, Good Sex & Long Life: A Guide to Taoist Yoga & Chi Kung
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September 8th 2002 by Llewellyn Publications

What do you want in life? If you think about it, no matter how you answered that question, chances are you wouldn't be able to achieve anything without your health. Eric Steven Yudelove has been studying Taoist practices for over 30 years. Now he shares how you can use these ancient techniques for better health, increased longevity and incredible sex in "100 Days to Better Health, Good Sex & Long Life. "Note that this takes only 100 days. That means you need to spend only 15 minutes a day for a mere 14 weeks to make dramatic changes in your life. And you're worth it! "100 Days to Better Health, Good Sex & Long Life" is a complete course in Taoist Yoga and the movement of the energy ("Chi") of the body using the techniques known as "Chi" "Kung." These simple exercises, available for the first time to most Westerners, are as powerful as they are ancient.

They include secrets that will let you: - Prolong sexual pleasure - Increase the flow of energy between you and your sexual partner - Become stronger and more flexible - Detoxify your organs and glands - Improve your memory and concentration abilities - Tone and beautify your face - Strengthen your immune system - Improve stamina - Improve your vision, hearing, smell, and digestion - Learn how to do the Macrocosmic Orbit technique Packed with over 200 illustrations, "100 Days to Better Health, Good Sex & Long Life" is the perfect guide for both beginners and those knowledgeable in Eastern spirituality. The book includes 14 weekly ons that take just 15 minutes per day. Each week you will learn exercises for the Three Treasures of Taoism: "Chi, Jing, Shen" -- or breath, body, and mind. With a focus on breathing, exercise, and visualization, this 100-day program is an accessible way for you to make positive changes. Let the ancient secrets of the Taoists start you on the path to better health, good sex, and a long life.

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