The True Story of Noah: Discovering Where the Ark Came to Rest

The True Story of Noah: Discovering Where the Ark Came to Rest
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October 16th 2014 by CreateSpace

The "Hill of Salvation" where the ark came to rest is located near ancient Shuruppak in present day Iraq at latitude 31°50'18"N; longitude 45°28'57"E. Anyone can locate the site on a map. Of all the places on the planet, this rocky outcrop is the best possible candidate for where Noah's ark finally came to rest.

The scar that was left where it grounded is still clearly visible. "Early in 2014, I watched a newly released movie titled "Noah" starring Russell Crow as the main character. Even though it was billed as a Hollywood blockbuster which was filmed primarily in Iceland, more than anything I laughed throughout most of the scenes. It was a great movie if you like CGI animation and pure fantasy, but it was simply titled and advertised in a somewhat misleading fashion. In that regard it was disappointing. This latest "Noah" movie was so far out of line with what I recalled about the biblical character of Noah in the Bible that I knew beyond a shadow of doubt the story told in the movie had little to do with anything written there and decided to try and find out where on earth the creators of what I considered to be silly fantasy had come up with such nonsense. And so it began... The more I researched about Noah, the Flood, and the ark, the more I found on this subject from ancient sources extending back to the dawn of mankind's history and even to the invention of writing itself! Oh... about those goofy-looking, playful rock creatures in the movie... they really were written about over 4,500 years ago, but the understanding of what they truly were completely escaped the minds of those responsible for portraying those odd characters on the screen. That story can be found within these pages also, with a believable explanation that will surprise and delight." --K. Barger

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