Hear Me Sing: Book I

Hear Me Sing: Book I
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November 23rd 2016

Rivka Edery has found a new voice, that of a poet!  Her work with victims of great suffering has brought her to a new level of spiritual transformation, which she invites us to experience.  In her new book, Hear Me Sing: Book I, she completely embodies her identity as a spiritual healer and becomes a psalmist.  Her songs reach to guide our broken hearts.

 They are songs of transforming the pain of unrequited love.  Rivka's poems celebrate the heart that continues to be grateful for love after rejection, for love abiding in spite of the trauma of abandonment, a love that prevails through being forsaken, that survives the obliterating cruelty of solitude. She shows us how we are never alone, as whimsical healing partners emerge in the form of Rivka's various crones, goddesses. trolls and monsters in a landscape glittering with wonders.  Hear Me Sing: Book I is a passionate recording of a beautiful heart that never stops singing and loving. There is mystery in how Rivka is able to give so much. Could it be that she allows herself to be so beloved by her God, that her spirit sings in giving that love back? Failed romantic love is the match that creates a painful fire in her soul, leading her through a spiritual journey, and building enough energy to move mountains. The pain of this poet is not that of a victim asking for mercy, but the seizing of archetypal adventure and relishing a full, joyful emotional life.

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