Poems From My Heart

Poems From My Heart
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May 20th 2015 by iUniverse

"It’s never too late to follow your passion.

Miriam Kam Weisbrod’s resolute desire to publish her poems developed later in life. Now at the tender age of 95, after writing over 200 poems, her wish has come true. Miriam began writing thirty years ago after her husband died. Writing kept her busy and helped her deal with the loneliness and uncertainty of being widowed after forty years of marriage. The secret to her long life, she says, is having a passion for something and a positive attitude: “Many opportunities are waiting for you / And only you can make them come true.” Miriam beckons us to look at the world the way she sees it, full of beauty and wonder. She shares her love for life with us, in her poems: “Old Man Time, you tricked us / But still, we’re glad you picked us.” Miriam’s poems help us realize how lucky we are to be given this miracle of life and the gift of living it surrounded by the beauty of nature. “To write, you have to be a bit of a dreamer.” This book opens the door to that dream. "

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