Subway Collection: A Box Set of 8 Dark Stories to Read on the Go

Subway Collection: A Box Set of 8 Dark Stories to Read on the Go
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May 21st 2012

8 dark stories to read on the go. Includes all the stories from THE SUBWAY COLLECTION and THE SUBWAY COLLECTION 2.

DARK REALITY-Reality is slipping. His dead brother keeps coming back. If only he could find a way to keep him. MCMURDO SOUND-In the Arctic men sometimes lose their minds. Even telling stories doesn't help--especially the one about the lovers in lover's lane and a man with one arm. SPARKLE-the Devil runs a Bed and Breakfast. He lures in special guests. Some of them he means to keep. INTERVIEW WITH A PSYCHO-She's interviewing the old people for a book. What Hank Borden tells her about a lifetime of murder is the worst interview of all. NEEDING A WITCH-sometimes when you want someone to love you, you'll go to any lengths, risk any penalty. You'll even risk those you love the most. A PRETTY KILLER BOY-set in the 1960s during the hippie revolution, a young girl makes the mistake of falling for a pretty boy. A deadly pretty boy. DECEPTION-there are books of spells, but what if you pick the wrong one because all the others aren't working? You could find yourself deceived. THE SMILE OF A MIME-Carla's got a sacred book that could raise up the Ancient Ones. She's about to let loose the hounds of hell at Miskatonic University. 41,000 words of the macabre to read by the fire, in line at the post office, or waiting for a doctor's appointment.

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