Until I Die Again (Our Souls to Keep #2)

Until I Die Again (Our Souls to Keep #2)
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October 25th 2014 by Inertia Publishing

In Until I Die Again, the highly anticipated sequel to Our Souls to Keep, Wake is alone in Hell, comforted and tormented by the memory of Annemarie. As session after session of torture on Bethany's table moves Wake closer to surrendering the last remaining fragments of his humanity, he receives information from an unlikely source.

Nevin tells him that Annemarie's son Jacob is still in danger. After discovering the true nature of Lucifer's plan for Jacob, Wake is determined to do the impossible—escape the Gates of Hell! He soon finds out that this unlikely task isn’t his greatest challenge. Wake learns the true meaning of self-sacrifice and the ultimate consequence of death as he searches for a way to break his contract with Satan. With an all-out war between Heaven and Hell in the near future, and the destiny of humanity at stake, Wake must decide who to trust as he battles to save a young boy from the powerful forces of Hell.

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