The Spanish Dreamer: A Biography of José Paronella

The Spanish Dreamer: A Biography of José Paronella
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2007 by Paronella Park

José Paronella was a Spanish migrant, who came to Australia from Catalonia in 1913. Like many Southern Europeans, he worked in North Queensland canefields and by saving his money bought his own farm. This was only the beginning of José's ambitions. He went on to make a fortune by buying and selling farms and other investments. He needed this money for a particular purpose - to build his dream, a Spanish Castle and Pleasure Grounds set in the tropical rainforest. This is the story of the fulfilment of his vision and the part nature played in the tragedy which later wiped out so many of his creations. José was a man who attempted the impossible; who loved Australia passionately. He was a visionary, a pioneer, farmer, architect, builder, engineer, landscape designer and buisnessman. Above all, José was an interesting and complex man - he was shrewd and ambitious; confident and proud; a perfectionist; quick-tempered; sexy and handsome; gregarious and fun-loving; loyal to family and friends.

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