Future Gold

Future Gold
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July 1st 2015 by Eternal Press

About the book: What part of the past would you change? Jordan didn’t want to travel back in time. She thought the members of the Time Cult were, frankly, a little whacked. But as the daughter of a daughter of a daughter, she had little choice but to prepare, take part, be knowledgeable and be ready to travel back in time. But nothing could prepare her for what happened. Or when. Quotes: “You think you’re so hot because you look Californian.” “I saw what you did for that boy. Pretending to be his mother.” “I’ll show you.” Excerpt: Oh no.

Jordan unconsciously gnawed at her nails. Had Mark really posted the two of them on the First Time Site? Jordan dropped her hand. How could he? A bet? A dare? Usually couples agreed, with both connected so you could watch the act from the two different perspectives, but this post was just from a single perspective—his. The high priestess stepped forward and squinted, not at the sun, they all knew where that was, but at her wrist. She frowned and turned the images that appeared and disappeared above her hand at a rapid pace. It was risky to connect through the Cloud, but there was little alternative. The women were forced to coordinate all across the Original Thirteen. They needed to tap into every reserve, even pull from the Cloud itself.

It had taken six months to coordinate, bribe, store and tap into the constant flow that fed the Reality Cloud. Never had they pulled so much so fast. Jordan shivered and rubbed her sleeves to generate more warmth. Still she didn’t think she’d ever get rid of the growing, icy, dread in her gut. The Realty Cloud was forever. You didn’t just wipe out programs or posts, to do that demanded a much higher clearance than even her mother possessed. What would Jordan say to her mother? She wasn’t supposed to have a real boyfriend at all, not while she was in the cult. How to explain? Three older women stepped forward and contributed to the images. There was a hush and a small intake of breath as all the women in the circle…what, fifty or sixty? Jordan used to amuse herself by counting, but no longer bothered. She glanced at Gaia who was frowning at something in the tossed images, but to Jordan, it looked like business as usual. This was just another equinox ritual. They gathered and the elders would try again. The electricity would not be powerful enough, the current not ready, the… A white explosion seared her mind and knocked her back—it all went dark.

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