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July 14th 2012

What would you do? 1941.

After spending a year at a prestigious finishing school in New York City, Grace Watts, a spoiled plantation princess, returns to Savannah, to discover that her entire world is in peril. Her family's fortune has been wiped out, her dream of becoming a journalist dies, and her parents' marriage is on the rocks. In all the kerfuffle, someone left a closet door open, and the skeletons are getting rest. Her sunshine-and-lollipops existence swiftly plunges into a dark, secretive hell, and there's nobody she can turn to. While those she once trusted are “unavailable,” or using her to promote their own agendas, she finds solace in the arms of Elijah King, a beautiful black man employed by her father. Grace was raised to believe that segregation was perfectly acceptable, and that “colored folk” were the inferior race, but as she begins to see the world through the eyes of this wise, intelligent man, her beliefs are turned upside-down on their heads.

Elijah not only challenges her mind, but sets her heart – and her knickers – on fire. If the whole world, and the law, aren't enough obstacles standing between them, there's Charles Trumaine, a powerful millionaire who always gets what he wants, no matter what the cost. He's not above playing very, very diry to get it. With Grace's family facing ruin, Charles knows the deck is stacked in his favor.

One little “I do,” will solve all their problems. The choice is hers: Love...or money?

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