Emily's Dark Adventure

Emily's Dark Adventure
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June 14th 2015

Emily was still a virgin as high school ended. She was desperately jealous of her new friend Tara, who was blonde, lithe and adventurous. She was a boring girl, shy and not overly adventurous. But she was determined that change. She joined Emily skinny dipping in her penthouse pool, nearly drowning when Tara's father came home unexpectedly. But that initial humiliation turned to a dark sense of hunger as her fantasies took hold, and soon she was all-but giving herself to the man! Mister Patrick, however, was a stern man, and she soon learned to her thrilled if timid delight, that he could make her body burn like nothing she had ever imagined! At the same time, he put her in a collar and demanded full obedience from her! Then his son Tod did the same, and finally she was Tara's toy as well! Emily was to find her adventure a complicated one, with only one certainty; she must obey and please others with her body, or be punished!

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