A Journey Through Pines

A Journey Through Pines
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October 19th 2013 by Jimmy Andrews Photography

While rescuers frantically searched for survivors in the World Trade Center attacks, Jack Taylor was searching, too. His life-long journey to find one woman who would love him unconditionally was somewhere among the rubble.

This is an epic journey along the road traveled and littered by the bones of other hope romantics who failed to find perfect love. Jack discovers it is not what you find at the end of the journey but the journey itself. The story of Jack Taylor begins in his childhood as he sets off on a life-long journey to find a lover who will accept him for all that he is and is not. Jack does not realize he has been on such a journey until his mother dies. She dies only hours after he has made plans to move home and take care of her. Following her death, Jack is forced to revisit his childhood bitterness for manipulating women. By now, he had perfected his malice. Frustrated at not understanding his spite, he seeks revenge against the opposite sex.

In the process, his first marriage falls apart and he turns his back on the world.

By accident, the power of a youthful first love resurfaces and begins to soften his heart. Jack becomes entangled in the doomed relationship. In retreat, Jack almost misses the love affair he longed for, only to have it stolen from him by unchangeable circumstances.

Deciding to abandon his convictions to find unconditional love, Jack settles for a larger endeavor - trying to instill the impenitent search for inner peace in his young daughter. A Journey Through Pines is a pilgrimage all humans pursue, yet one that leaves them unsure of what they have found until faced with losing it along the way. Jack Taylor was a risk taker unafraid of falling from grace in the name of leaving behind an ancestral message of love.

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