Adam to Ahab: Myth and History in the Bible

Adam to Ahab: Myth and History in the Bible
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April 12th 2005 by Paragon House

This book examines the origins of the Old Testament, one of the foundation stones of Western Civilization. Adam to Ahab begins with a fictitious but plausible tale about how the early books of the Bible were written, providing a means for the reader to enter that ancient world in which the stories from Adam to Ahab were recorded. Then, synthesizing the works of nearly 50 outstanding scholars in the fields of biblical studies and archeology, Fred Stitt presents the scholarly consensus on the history and myth regarding the events that occurred prior to 587-586 BCE, before the destruction of the First Temple. "...shows a remarkable grasp of the current consensus of biblical scholarship, and expresses it in a concise way."- J. Collins, Professor of Old Testament, Yale University "The result is succinct and no-nonsense, yet delivered with a calm clarity and at times an utter delight...."-Richard A. Rosengarten, Dean, The University of Chicago Divinity School "I read your chapter on Jonah and Nahum and was tremendously well presented, clear, straight-forward and very solid...a fine contribution."-Rabbi Herbert Bronstein, Senior Scholar, North Shore Congregation Isr'l in Glencoe, Illinois

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