Her Soldier Stepbrother

Her Soldier Stepbrother
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January 8th 2015

It's been there for years, but this is her last chance to make him understand her feelings! When Nina said goodbye to Mike, she thought he knew the man who was leaving. But now Mike is back from Army boot camp for short two weeks, and their feelings for each other threaten to boil over. As soon as Nina sees Mike at the door again, she knows nothing can ever be the same.

A couple short months away have transformed Mike into a hot military hunk. Nina tries to hide the deluge of desire, but Mike insists they need to talk. The welcome home party rages on while they finally expose the taboo love that has been simmering below the surface all this time, and the results are explosive. Will she let him take her, hard and without protection for the first time? Even if it means risking a taboo pregnancy? **Short, standalone taboo romance, no cliffhanger. Explicit language, not intended for readers under18**

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