Kingdom of the Serpent's Eye (Barry Philpot)

Kingdom of the Serpent's Eye (Barry Philpot)
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Alternate Cover Edition of ASIN: B00BPXHM1G First in the Barry Philpot series of novellas featuring the exploits of an explorer and adventurer who chases legends, mysteries and lost people in remote and dangerous places. When Barry’s latest client demands that he find her father missing in the Amazon jungle, Barry has no idea he is about to risk his life searching for a lost tribe, a city of gold and a mystery older than time. When Barry Philpot sets out to find Laney Clinden’s naturalist father lost in the Amazon jungle, he does so with reluctance. The area where Professor Clinden has disappeared is remote and largely unexplored. The fact that Laney insists on accompanying Barry and his colleague, Dr Elgar Finch, means extra responsibility on a trip already fraught with a fair amount of danger. Worst of all, Laney Clinden is feisty, forthright, independent-minded and drop-dead gorgeous. Barry falls into a love/hate relationship with her that scrambles his mind and almost scuppers the trip. What he doesn’t expect from his client is duplicity. Searching for a famous naturalist who disappeared while investigating the Diamond-Toe frog is one thing, but finding yourself following the footsteps of many dead men before you on the trail of one of the world’s oldest mysteries, is another. Each story in this series of romantic mystery adventures with touches of fantasy and sci-fi, is complete at a maximum 30,000 words for easy mobile reading.

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