Quintus: #7 (Luna Lodge: Hunters of Atlas)

Quintus: #7 (Luna Lodge: Hunters of Atlas)
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May 29th 2017

Eagle Ridge was supposed to be a safe haven for the hybrids, but now it’s turning into a Glycon-infested hell. The presence of the horrible mutants is bad enough, but then a human witnesses an attack. Now the hybrids are at risk of being exposed to the outside world and the ruth Horatius Group. Allison’s proud to be mayor of Eagle Ridge and takes her job seriously. She’s very concerned about protecting the citizens of her town, especially with all the violent attacks that have been occurring. Though she’s convinced a wild animal is involved, she also can’t deny having seen a strange monster. Hybrid Quintus is still finding his place among the hybrids, but is comfortable serving as a spy. When he’s sent to find out how much Allison might have seen, he’s surprised to find that she may be his fated mate. Despite the raging attraction between the two, the shocking truth behind why so many Glycons are in the area may cost them their lives before they can even worry about a future relationship.

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