Moon of Farellah (Heart of Farellah, #2)

Moon of Farellah (Heart of Farellah, #2)
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This is the tragic, beautiful tale of a girl without a soul. I am that girl and this is my story.

Let’s start at the middle . . . I ran after him, my feet sinking into the sand with each stride. The distance between us was good. I could pursue him if he kept running. I could breathe if he kept running. If he kept running, he was safe from the monster within me. Aura and Nyte are recovering from the aftermath of their encounter with The Mystress. With the whereabouts of the rest of the guard unknown, they begin to battle a new enemy – Aura’s aggressive addiction to Nyte’s power. With Druelca on the prowl, a giant cat-beast lurking in the crystal sands, and talk of moons and angels, their struggles are just beginning.

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