Violets are Blue

Violets are Blue
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July 16th 2012

"Violets Are Blue" is a story of restoration and joy. Making her first appearance in "Jasmine Elise" (Book 6), Jillian Moss has seen her life undergo some major changes. After years of storing a bunch of paintings in her closet and laying aside her artistic gift, she’s begun painting again, turning out one lovely thing after the next and selling them in her own gallery—thanks to a man who was a special part of her life for a time. In the six months since letting Richard go, she’s had peace and seen God bing her in many ways, including a beautiful, spacious home of her dreams. But her personal life continues to have its struggles. Dealing with her ex-husband, raising her two teenage daughters, and trying to navigate her way through another promising relationship, Jillian continues to cling to Jesus through it all. And although not everything turns out exactly the way she would have planned it, the faithfulness of her God comes shining through.

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