What You Don't Know About North Korea Could Fill A Book

What You Don't Know About North Korea Could Fill A Book
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May 13th 2013 by Intransitive Publishers International

For a country that is in the news on a daily basis, North Korea remains a mystery to much of the Western world. Ask any random Joe on the street what he knows about the country and the only answer you'll likely get is that “it's bad.” Presented here are several largely unknown facts that cut against the exaggerated claims and outright falsehoods leveled against North Korea in the drive to demonize the country into an “acceptable target” for aggression and war. The last thing the world needs is another Iraq. Backed by factual evidence and concrete sources, this book shows that: - The United States carved Korea in two - The United States nuclearized Korea - South Korea is as “barbaric” as its Northern counterpart - North Korea surpassed the South for much of its history - The famine in North Korea was caused by outside forces - North Korea's policies actually alleviate the effects of food shortages

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