Diplomacy: A Space Fantasy Romance

Diplomacy: A Space Fantasy Romance
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Expected publication: July 26th 2018 by Madam's Books

For a thousand years, being born with magic was a death sentence. Hart and his twin have survived by hiding who they truly were until their time came. It started as a whisper, rumors, but when they find out there truly is a mage uprising, they join the fight, tilting the balance in the mages’ favor. The era of magic mortals has passed in their multi-planetary kingdom. A war has started, and the mages will win it. Hart has lived and breathed for liberating their kind, thinking of nothing else, until Dara comes to his aid. When Dara’s deluded father imprisons Kai Lor Hora’s ambassador, she knows there will be reprisals. Her world stands at the brink of destruction. She has no love for mages, but helping this one escape might just save her planet. They’re two mortal enemies, who should never have met, and can never go back to a simpler time. Warning: Strands of Starfire is a space fantasy romance series, and each book includes some explicit scenes. Note that this series will only include standalone books.

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