Bring the Heat

Bring the Heat
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August 10th 2016 by BookBoyfriends Publishing LLC

Steamy, Sexy Bad Boys Of Summer! Can It Get Any Hotter? I never claimed to be the greatest pitcher in the world—then again, maybe I did—but I was probably drunk off my ass trying to seduce some chick. I had no intention of ever becoming Cody Wright, the best—or the greatest. That was more my old man’s dream. The REAL Mr. Wright. So, what the hell was I doing starting my rookie season with the Oklahoma City Warriors? Well, the way I see it, playing baseball was what I was born to do. It was easy. And the title and paycheck afforded me everything I could ever want—hot cars and even hotter women. Everything was peachy keen to my standards—until a chance meeting with a brunette spinner named Chelsea Brooks rocked my world and changed the game for good. You don’t get to be a pro ball player without a few skeletons in your closet—secrets that could cost me everything. The fame, the money, and worst of all…Chelsea. Don’t miss KB’s brand new hottest bad boy sports romance of the summer! Bring The Heat is a standalone! No Cliffhangers!

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