The Twisting

The Twisting
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November 3rd 2015 by Sprouting Star Press

Note: This is Volume 2 in a serialized novel. Please read The Unraveling first! The story of otherworldly Blighted Basin continues in THE TWISTING... In a valley hidden from the rest of Victorian England, Annmar Masterson has found friendship and acceptance at Wellspring farm. But as her recently discovered magical abilities grow, unstoppable crop-eating pests drive her new home to the brink of collapse. Shapeshifter Daeryn Darkcoat's heart pulls toward Annmar, but duty comes first. With harvests across the Farmlands shire facing destruction, the predator guard scrambles for new solutions, calling upon the ingenuity of animal shifters, mechanics and growers alike. Desperation drives landowners to utilize prototype machines, heed of the threat to their way of life. As the danger mounts, Annmar's knowledge of Outside ways—and her magic—might be more important than anyone realizes. Weaving steampunk engines and a land of wild magic with a coming-of-age romance, this sequel to THE UNRAVELING and second volume in THE LUMINATED THREADS whisks readers off on another spellbinding adventure. The Twisting is Volume 2 of a 3-part serialized novel for readers 15+, mixing steampunk, fantasy, shapeshifters and romantic adventure wrapped in a historical setting. The action continues in The Binding, Volume 3 of the series. To be notified of upcoming releases, sign up for Laurel's Newsletter. (

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