A Psychic Couldn't See It

A Psychic Couldn't See It
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July 26th 2016 by Zanna Johns

Meet Lizzie Chandler, psychic matchmaker. She's trying to earn a little extra cash by helping lonely women find love.

She thought it would be a fun and easy side gig. She thought wrong! Her new client, Ophalia, is an odd woman who gives her a mild case of the creeps. Lizzie's work with Ophalia quickly comes to an end in a shocking way that she never could have predicted. Then comes twenty-four-year-old Myra.

She wants to get married in a hurry, but there's a huge problem–she's afraid of men. Myra wants to marry a senior citizen who doesn't want sex. Always a sucker for anyone in need, Lizzie puts her best effort into helping Myra.

Working with Myra is challenge, but Lizzie's got even bigger problems. Weird things are happening, and she's starting to wonder if she's in need of a padded cell. Unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on how Lizzie looks at it—she's got three annoying, pint-sized senior citizens constantly underfoot, and they're enough to distract her from any problem.

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