Baptist DISTINCTIVE: An Adam Mykonos Mystery (The Adam Myknonos Mystries)

Baptist DISTINCTIVE: An Adam Mykonos Mystery (The Adam Myknonos Mystries)
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April 1st 2014 by Gillen Publications

Baptist Pastor Joshua Lexington and his fiancé Mackenzie Daniels have been murdered. And the Western Maryland City of Hagerstown has been rocked. When Joshua’s former wife Ivy is arrested for the murders, Adam Mykonos, former cop, ex-convict, comic-book shop owner and Born-Again Christian is called in to clear her name and find the real killers With the help of a letter, left to him by Joshua, detailing the history of the Independent Baptist Movement, Adam and his lovely Jamaican-American wife, Rita must work their way through a web of lies, racism, drugs and crime to uncover not only the secrets of who killed Joshua and Mac but also the dark underbelly of a recent church split and the manipulations of every one from a charming if deadly elderly Pastor, his meth addicted son-in-law and a Romanian Organized crime family with a lot to hide. Joshua leaves Adam clues and questions, as the bodies begin to pile up: “If you are reading this then I am dead, killed in such a way as to arouse the concerns of both Ric and I would hope the police.

LOL, now that may be the most melodramatic sentence I have ever written and I am or was a Baptist Preacher! My dear brother in Christ, I am sure that you are confused as to why I would ask you to be my executor in these circumstances and perhaps even confused as to why anyone would want me dead. The sad truth is that there are a number of people who would benefit from my death and any one of them has the capability of being responsible for it. “ From Rita’s Lighthouse Diner to halls of Calvary Baptist Temple Adam uncovers truth after truth in his quest to understand the Baptist Distinctive.

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