The Blood (Vampire)

The Blood (Vampire)
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June 13th 2007 by White Wolf Publishing

The Player's Guide to the Requiem for Vampire: The RequiemThe Prince is the master of the city, but he has named you lord of your territory. It's up to you and your cohorts to maintain the Masquerade, influence mortal lives and pass judgment on the Kindred who dwell in your shadow. Are you a tyrant or a saint? Will you pull the Prince's strings or become the Prince yourself?The Player�s Guide to the Requiem for Vampire: The Requiem� The definitive handbook for Vampire players, containingunique new insights into the Requiem. Read what it feels like to use a vampire�s supernatural powers and learn how the Kindred think the Blood works.� A whole-new look at all the core mechanisms of the game, from Predator�s Taint to the Embrace. Discover updated rulings on how these powers work and how to put them to work in your own chronicles. It�s like a core content update to the Vampire operating system.� New Disciplines and Devotions for vampires of any clan. Alternative new systems for bloodlines and diablerie.New essays and examinations on how to create characters for Vampire: The Requiem - and how to use dramatic storytelling techniques to bring them to life at the game table.

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