Teller's Tale: The Journals of Esoph

Teller's Tale: The Journals of Esoph
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January 16th 2013 by Angelo Verdelli

Much like C.S. Lewis did with The Chronicles of Narnia, Verdelli will capture readers’ imaginations instantly with the first chapter and compel them to join him on the fantastical journey that is the Teller’s Tale.

The epic series begins in Rise of Talus when a prince discovers his world has been turned upside down. His father has robbed him of his birthright and plans to have him murdered to ensure another’s succession. Through a mystic named Lacunae, Talus befriends The Darkness in order to survive. The conspiracy deepens as the prince learns that the God of his father has manipulated the king since his birth. In his desire to ascertain the truth, Talus learns that he is part of a plan to reveal The One for what it truly is, and for that he must die. The story continues in the Four Strangers when the prophecy involving adolescents from South Portland, Maine begins. As they search for a way back to the Polar Caves, they become involved with those opposing and defending God itself.

Their destiny has been foretold and others seek to either have them fulfill their fate or be killed. Do they trust Talus (The King of Atresia) or Teller (The spiritual Leader of Galea)? Do they trust The One or The Darkness that seeks The One’s destruction? Through the ordeal they learn about themselves, the true meaning behind their journey and the red door. The Rise of the Talus and Four Strangers are his first two books in what will grow to become a 6-ebook series.

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