Caught in the Burn

Caught in the Burn
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June 14th 2016 by Ink Spark Press

Sofie Martel arrived in L.A. hoping to leave her past far behind her. She never expected to be recruited to protect the city from the demonic Glowers, but the Society has given her life new meaning. It doesn't hurt that her current advisor, Shawn, is hotter than a summer wildfire. As sparks fly between Sofie and Shawn, tensions are rising inside the Society. Sofie's new friends want to work toward peace with the Glowers, but someone is sabotaging their attempts to reach a compromise. Sofie agrees to act as a test case and let a Glower re-awaken her love for painting to ease her colleague's fears. She's unprepared for the secrets her art-making unearths: secrets she's keeping even from Shawn. With battle lines drawn and Sofie's past snapping at her heels, the passion flaring between the two may light her way to safety—or burn everything she cares about to the ground. The fourth and final book in The Glower Chronicles, a steamy New Adult paranormal series. Each book in The Glower Chronicles contains a stand-alone romance, but it is recommended that you read them in order to best appreciate the ongoing subplots. Book 1: Caught in the Glow (Avery's story) Book 2: Caught in the Rush (Fiona's story) Book 3: Caught in the Dream (Mateo's story) Book 4: Caught in the Burn (Sofie's story) -- coming June 14th

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