The Executive Secretary Guide to Taking Control of Your Inbox

The Executive Secretary Guide to Taking Control of Your Inbox
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March 22nd 2016 by Marcham Publishing

“This book is essential reading for any PA or Executive Assistant in helping them manage their email inbox. It is extremely well written, providing very practical solutions to the problems of email overload and managing one’s inbox. The style is engaging in a ‘day in the life of a PA’ format…great read but more important very useful practical advice” Professor Sir Cary Cooper, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester "Thought provoking and intuitive - an uncomplicated guide to email management." Rebeka Adamson, Administrative Professional Award Winner 2015, Association Administrative Professionals New Zealand "Business communication is increasingly overwhelming for assistants as many deal with a myriad of emails. The narrative of Max and Sophia in this book is a super guide on effective email management; from email content to folder storage and finding life outside the inbox.” Florence Katono, Pitman PA of the Year 2015 After 30+ years in this profession and I still learnt so much from this book. Brilliantly written! Loved the way the characters, Sophie and Max, shared their ideas and simple solutions to make our lives easier and stressed whilst dealing with our over-crowded inboxes and at the same time sharing some interesting tips on email etiquette. Michele Thwaits - President, Professional Association for Secretaries & Administrative Assistants

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