The Discus Book

The Discus Book
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December 21st 2013 by Alastair R Agutter

The Discus Book (For the Dedicated Aquarist) first Published in 1988 has been re-written and published in Ebook Edition on Amazon for all Discus Fish Lovers Around the World. With Pictures and Contributions from Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke, Dr Liv Singh Khasla, Paul Clayton, Jack Wattley, Nick Hulme and others. The book has some valuable changes and is an essential reference to breeding these beautiful species and keeping them successfully. Over Twelve Chapters in this Book. Covering: The Discus and Its Natural Environment, The Wild Species, The Importance of the Correct Aquarium, Live and Prepared Foods for the Discus Diet, The Requirements for Discus Filtration, The Genetics of Discus the Different Strains, Lighting and Electrical Needs, Collecting and Purchasing the Right Fish, The Correct Water and Techniques, The Successful Spawning and Breeding of Discus, Diseases and Problems, The Concluding Points. The book can also be an invaluable reference and source for any Tropical Fish Hobbyist, especially Cichlid keepers, as the book covers breeding signs and behaviour patterns, the perfect water conditions and the importance of routines and keeping fish free from disease. Finally,complete details and diagrams of the Author's Power Vain Trickle Filtration System: designed for all large tropical fish tanks and achieving the optimal conditions in a naturally planted Aquarium, with techniques also on Lighting, to achieve even flowering of water plants using Mercury Vapour lighting on timers, for sun rise and sunsets.

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