Mid-Career Crisis: Why Some Sail through While Others Don't: 1

Mid-Career Crisis: Why Some Sail through While Others Don't: 1
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January 15th 2015 by HarperCollins Publishers India

Remember your placement season? There might have been friends you graduated with. You got more or the same marks, and joined the same organization as trainees.

Now, mid-career, you wonder why some of them have powered ahead while the rest are stuck with old responsibilities and designations. You cannot understand what it is that those who continue to grow are doing differently, what it is that helps them reach the top while others fall behind. Superior knowledge, sharper skills, or just sheer luck? Our mid-career is characterized by several questions that start bothering us: Should we stay put and grow, or quit and move to a better-paying, bigger profile? Are we leaders or followers? Should we continue drawing salaries or build our dream start-ups? Shaken by confusion, the self-confidence of our early years changes into misery--and, eventually, a crisis. In Mid-career Crisis, Partha Basu draws upon years of leadership experience in the corporate world, and offers life stories and professional insights.

If you are just starting your career, this book will help you avoid common mistakes and prepare you for your mid-career crisis--because face one you will. And if you are already in one, it will show you the way out before it's too late.

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