Caffeine Makes Me Bleed: And How It Can Poison You, Too!

Caffeine Makes Me Bleed: And How It Can Poison You, Too!
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December 18th 2010 by Cool Books Press, LLC

Who told you caffeine is harm to your health? Take a journey with Susan Lynn, whose caffeine addiction has nearly ruined her health. This book was born out of her struggle to discover why after thirty-nine years of enjoying colas, tea, and chocolate—problem-free—she began suffering severe pain and bleeding internally after consuming any product containing even the least fleck of caffeine. In this book, she recounts her life and work in the 90s as the Safety Director to a general contractor in the high-stress, male-dominated jobsite world of high-risk construction. Follow her afterwards as she lives the never-ending misery of the long-term effects of caffeine and stress and her unending struggle to locate a physician who can adequately care for her.

Read this invaluable book and discover: 1. The secret destructive power of caffeine. 2. How stress and caffeine hurt you. 3. How caffeine can affect your immune and gastrointestinal system. 4. How our culture brainwashed us to consume a drug daily. 5. Five reasons to avoid colas, coffee, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks.

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