SEAL's Second Chance

SEAL's Second Chance
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August 5th 2017

Maddie Stewart woke to a world she didn’t recognize, one that left her with questions no one could answer, except the handsome man sitting at her bed side when she came to. Real life felt like a dream, a world so perfect that her heart swelled with happiness. But, in the night, her dreams became nightmares, reminding her there was plenty she still didn’t know. The SEAL Brotherhood motto, where the only easy day was yesterday, rang all too true for Navy Seal Isaac Lewis.

The girl of his dreams was at his fingertips, but was just out of reach. He was faced with decisions, ones he knew were right, and ones he knew were wrong. Somewhere, somehow, the line began to blur, and he was certain he’d overstepped that line, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to go back. Two worlds collide by accident, by chance, or by fate? SEAL's Second Chance is an 70,000 word standalone second chance Navy SEAL romance with a HEA and no cheating.

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