The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns

The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns
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August 31st 2014

"The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns" was the last book published by legendary ufologist Gray Barker.

At the time (1984), it was considered too "conspiratorial," and met with opposition in mainstream ufological circles. After compiling the book from articles in his own newsletter, Barker suddenly died, and the controversial bound edition was pulled from distribution. Luckily, New Saucerian was able to locate the prototype, and has made this wonderful work available - at last - for the general public to enjoy. In these pages, Barker deftly explores the lore of the Philadelphia Experiment, offering revelations on a variety of notorious characters, such as Carlos Allende, James Wolfe, Leon A. Seoul, Dr. Franklin Reno, Michael Ann Dunn, the Oppenheimer brothers, and William L. Moore, whose books on the Roswell UFO crash, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Philadelphia Experiment made him the highest grossing UFO author of all time. Barker also shares interesting material from researchers Morris K. Jessup, James Moseley, Dennis Pilichis, Charles Berlitz, and Anna Genzlinger, the Miami housewife who was led by Jessup's ghost to investigate his death, and who uncovered several fascinating tidbits not only about his possible murder, but also about the CIA's role in covert mind control experimentation. This special 2014 edition of "Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns" features several photos, an introduction by paranormal radio host Jeffery Pritchett, and an epilogue by the editor, Andy Colvin, whose father was stationed at the naval yard where the Philadelphia Experiment took place. "Describes fundamentally incomprehensible situations in an entertaining, comprehensible context..." -Eugenia Macer-Story "Required reading for contemporary students of the UFO enigma..." -James W. Moseley "A legend that cannot be stopped..." -Jacques Vallee

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