Spiritual Adventures of a Part-Time Yogi: In Search of Enlightenment, Out-Of-Body-Experiences and Eternal Life

Spiritual Adventures of a Part-Time Yogi: In Search of Enlightenment, Out-Of-Body-Experiences and Eternal Life
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November 25th 2013 by Dmitri Boulakovski

All my life I have yearned for spiritual experiences, to go beyond the narrow limits of my five senses. How does it feel to be enlightened? What lies in wait for me in the out-of-body dimensions? My business trip to India triggered events that enabled me to find answers to these questions. I wrote this book to share these experiences with you, dear readers, heart to heart, soul to soul. In my book I describe two consciousness and out-of-body exploration courses that I took at the Monroe Institute in the US and Spain. My experience of Afterlife and Beyond-the body-dimensions were life-changing. I also write about my visits to Auroville in South India, a unique community of about 2000 people from all over the world striving to live in the spirit of human unity. I will let you read an excerpt from my book and decide if you wish to purchase it: Who Am I? As so many before me, I have often pondered the question "Who am I?" To me this was an existential rather than a philosophical matter.

The answer came from a spiritual teacher I once conversed with over the phone. He asked me, "What do you see around you in your room?" "I see my bookshelves, my posters, the walls, the ceiling, my computer." "Splendid!" he remarked. "And now, close your eyes and tell me what you see." "Darkness," I replied. "Excellent!" His voice was almost ecstatic. "What is it that has not changed?" "I guess something that perceives both the room and the darkness," I uttered somewhat hesitantly. "Exactly! Awareness!" He exclaimed. "Awareness! That is what has not changed and therefore awareness is the real you!" During a workshop that I attended in Virginia at the Monroe Institute to explore various states of consciousness, I experienced, in a state of deep meditation, a complete dissolution of my body into a luminous light. Although all form vanished, I still retained the capacity to perceive the luminosity, the radiance and the bliss. I became pure consciousness, a minute spot of intense and overwhelming awareness of infinite joy and fulfillment. "That is who I really am," descended on me at that moment, "a spark of consciousness that knows no birth, no death, that may dwell in an earthly body able to explore physical dimensions or may exist intangibly beyond space and time." This led me to the next question, "What has brought this spark of consciousness here, on planet Earth, and why?" As I look back, I realize that, throughout my life, this question has been, consciously or unconsciously, the force that drives my spiritual quest. ......................................................................... I hope you will enjoy the rest of the book.

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