Alien Rescued (M/M Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance)

Alien Rescued (M/M Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance)
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April 24th 2016

Found in the snowy wilderness after a helicopter crash... Rescued by an alien warrior... Desire at first sight. There's only one way to survive the cold night... They must set up camp and keep each other hot and steamy until the storm passes. Billionaire Jack Clayborne has spent his life searching for aliens.

When his research crew reports that they've found a crashed spacecraft in the snowy mountains of Alaska, Jack rushes to get to the site in his helicopter.

While flying to the location, a harsh snow storm causes Jack to crash and become lost in the Alaskan wilderness at night. When he awakes, he is being carried in the strong arms of Khodu -- a tall, sexy, and barrel-chested alien searching Earth for a satisfying mate. Jack never expected to meet an alien like this... Especially one as tempting and muscular as Khodu... Khodu is an escaped alien warrior that finds Jack unconscious in a crashed helicopter and rescues him. Lost without love and pleasure for years, he knows what he craves when he finds Jack lost in the wild. But, even the frosty temperatures affect Khodu... They'll need to build their tent and get close together for heat and hot action. Time is running out.

The night is getting colder... Will Jack give in to the alien's commands? Can Jack contain his scorching desire for Khodu? Alien Rescued is a sexy story about a man full of desire and one big alien sharing a night for the first time...That just might end in male pregnancy...

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