The Secret of the Butterfly Lovers: Eternal Lessons of Life, Love, and Reincarnation

The Secret of the Butterfly Lovers: Eternal Lessons of Life, Love, and Reincarnation
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November 30th 1999 by Weiser Books

Even though Keith Richardson and his wife, Francesca, own a shop that specializes in angels, and Keith has written the definitive books on America's best-known angel artist, Andy Lakey, Richardson was beyond surprised and to say the least skeptical when, during a guided meditation, a fully formed spirit guide appeared to him and began to speak. The story unfolds. The spirit guide called himself Chang (a Chinese title for "Emperor," as it turns out.) Chang is currently spirit guide to seventeen people, several of whom make an appearance in this book--most notably, James Van Praagh. As Richardson is guided by Chang, he learns many important life ons and receives information about the past lives he and his wife share along with several of their current acquaintances. Richardson's quest eventually brings him to the Qing Tombs outside Beijing where Chang offers him a life-changing message that leads him and Francesca to recognize the meaning of true love and forgiveness. This moving and inspiring story has chapters on reincarnation and how it works, plus information on karma and universal laws, i.e. abundance, forgiveness, attraction. A fast and fascinating read! This is a book in the tradition of best-selling New Age titles such as The Celestine Prophecy or Mutant Message Down Under, or Shirley MacLaine's groundbreaking Out on a Limb. * A true story of love and reincarnation, forgiveness and karma, with wide mass appeal.

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