Enduring the Night: Courageous stories of survival by former girl soldiers

Enduring the Night: Courageous stories of survival by former girl soldiers
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December 10th 2015 by Tenth Power Publishing

Lifted from the rich traditions of storytelling in Uganda, this book seeks to capture the stories of war, heartache, faith and forgiveness in one community from the moving perspective of one special survivor. Like many children in northern Uganda in the late 1990s, Grace was abducted by the rebel army known as the Lord’s Resistance Army, and forced to be a soldier and a sex slave. Taken away from all that she knew and loved, Grace faced insurmountable odds. “For the girls in the bush, life was somehow even harder. Some days when I thought I could just die, I found that there was still more to endure in the night.” But it was in the moments of almost certain death that Grace was able to witness to something greater, more powerful than the god of terror and punishment that her captors claimed. With experiences and emotions that transcend time and place, this book delivers a journey from darkness to light as told by those who experienced it most closely. These universal themes are brought to life not only through the stories of the survivors, but also through the visual imagery captured by those who have witnessed the suffering, joy, pain, and beauty of the people of northern Uganda. Brought together by ChildVoice’s work to restore the voices of children silenced by war, Grace and other survivors share their stories as part of their journeys toward healing and spiritual transformation. But this story is not over.

As one community heals from the destruction of war, the atrocities of war continue across the borders as the Lord’s Resistance Army terrorizes, abducts and viciously attacks people across East and Central Africa. The need for intervention is great, and the time is now. This book shines a light on issues of oppression currently facing the girl child not only in northern Uganda, but around the world. Through these stories, readers may find strength for personal journeys toward healing, and the courage to face their obstacles with courage. Powerful, provoking, and educational, Enduring the Night invites readers to join the conversation and be a part of something greater, for in doing so, one cannot helped but be moved to action in support of women worldwide. **100% of the proceeds from this book go toward supportive services for former girl soldiers at ChildVoice: www.childvoiceintl.org.** Praise for Enduring the Night: “Through gripping first-person narratives and stunning images, Enduring the Night honors the experiences of girls who have survived some truly traumatic events. This books offers a prophetic message, sharing stories that involve deep brokenness and pain while also calling us to partake in the life beyond, full of redemption, dignity, and hope.”—Peter Greer, President and CEO, HOPE International “Working amid the darkness of broken lives would be nearly impossible were it not for the great truth that the Light can overcome even the deepest darkness.

Enduring the Night captures this truth and offers a compelling message for those whose lives feel broken, for those who serve the broken, or for those who need to be inspired with stories of resilience and redemption.”—Michael Saccocio, Executive Director, City Mission of Schenectady Don't plow through this book too quickly.

Enduring the Night is that important.

Savor its stories sweetly, digest its ons prayerfully and act on their counsel intentionally. For no matter what measure or degree of suffering we may be experiencing, we can always learn the best ons from those who endure the darkest of nights.

–Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

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