When We Collide

When We Collide
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June 26th 2015

Daisy is a bold 19 year old who just finished high school.

Fresh from the pain of giving her baby up for adoption a few months prior and losing most of her friends in the process, she neither wants nor believes in love or friendship. The only important thing to Daisy is to obtain a college degree and appease her parents. She has no idea that the night she literally collides with Chase, a sexy French guy with an affinity for the stars, that her true desires are about to surface. With Chase's encouragement, Daisy rediscovers her passion of food and art. Because of him, she is ready to devour all that the world has to offer. Unfortunately, Daisy's discovery that Chase is not only her professor but is being deported back to France holds the potential to undo her. Rather than retreat to her solitary ways, Daisy embraces a new group of oddball friends. With their help, she finds that the path to healing should not be a lonely one.

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