Killing Te Reo Māori: An Indigenous Language Facing Extinction

Killing Te Reo Māori: An Indigenous Language Facing Extinction
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2018 by Campus Press

Professor Moon has drawn on hundreds of reports and studies to show why the current approach to preserving the Māori language is having the opposite effect, and focuses on what he calls the propaganda of recovery: “Every year, we see a new campaign, and new method, or a new idea which its backers promise will revitalise Te Reo Māori. Some show a lack of rudimentary understanding of how languages survive or die, most are ill-conceived, and all ultimately fail.” Although the book is likely to be controversial, Professor Moon is unrepentant about it: “Te Reo Māori is reaching the point where it may disappear as a living language in just one generation. A completely new approach is needed if there is to be any chance of saving it. If we continue on the current course, however, Te Reo Māori will cease as a living language. Oxford academic and Te Reo Māori broadcaster, Dr Peter Cleave, has described Killing Te Reo Māori as “Possibly one of the most explosive books on an indigenous language ever published.

This book shifts the terms of reference for the field of Māori language studies. Highly controversial but crucial to read.”

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