Grey's Anatomy: Season 1

Grey's Anatomy: Season 1
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January 19th 2016

Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) enrolls in the surgical residency program at Seattle Grace Hospital, where she will spend the next 7 years. Hours into the program, Meredith Grey discovers that a stranger she had a one-night stand with is her new boss, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), a cardiothoracic surgeon in the hospital begins to question his abilities, and decides to choose George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) to perform the first operation, which earns him the nickname 007. Meredith looks for roommates to share her mother's house with, while tending to a rape victim and discovering an ailment with a newborn baby. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) helps out a Chinese woman whose daughter is in need, and Shepherd and Burke quarrel over the Chief of Surgery position. Competition between the interns ensues after an annual unauthorized bike race causes many injuries. Izzie has trouble locating the family of a near brain-dead man, and Cristina Yang(Sandra Oh) is excited when the patient's family agrees to harvest his organs if he dies, leading Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) to lecture her on bedside manner. A patient who is a friend of Dr. Webber flirts with George.

When a retired nurse at Seattle Grace is admitted, Cristina takes on her case and befriends her. A patient who recognizes Izzie from a modeling photo does not want her to treat him. Meredith and Shepherd treat a construction worker who surprisingly survived his injuries, but have bad news for his wife about his future. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) humiliates Izzie in front of everyone.

Izzie plans a party for her old boyfriend, while Meredith believes she may be in trouble when something goes wrong during a procedure. At the party, Bailey spots Shepherd and Meredith together. Cristina and Burke have sex in an on-call room. When Shepherd picks Meredith to assist in surgery on a patient with Parkinson's disease, Bailey thinks he is showing favoritism and is tough on Meredith. Alex befriends a patient who has a very large tumor, but when he talks about her behind her back, she requests he be removed from her case. Derek spends the night at Meredith's, which they try to keep secret from her other roommates. George suspects an anesthesiologist of drinking before major surgeries but is scolded when he does speak up. Alex treats a man who enjoys being in pain, and Cristina catches the flu and discovers she is pregnant. Grey's Anatomy Season 1 dvd, Grey's Anatomy Season 1 blu ray, Grey's Anatomy Season 1 blu-ray, Grey's Anatomy Season 1 bluray, Grey's Anatomy Season 1 blue ray, Grey's Anatomy Season 1 prime, Grey's Anatomy Season 1 blu

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