Tough Love - Iron Disciples MC Complete Series

Tough Love - Iron Disciples MC Complete Series
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March 23rd 2014

"Even with his rough appearance, though, there was a sort of unmistakable animal attraction about him that I just couldn’t put my finger on..." This is the complete collection of the Iron Disciples MC series. It includes: Joy Ride Giving It All To The 1% Patched Over BONUS: As an added bonus for Amazon customers, the prequel story Biker Bang is also included in this collection. Hannah's boyfriend David is a writer who has been working on a book for the past three months that involves him tagging along and hanging out with the Iron Disciples M.C., an infamous outlaw biker club with a vice grip around the city's criminal underworld. When David decides to bring Hannah along to one of their wild parties, she is introduced to a world she never knew existed. This world happens to include the Iron Disciples' Vice President, Johnny, who quickly finds himself with eyes for Hannah. Will accompanying her boyfriend to that party ignite something within her that she never knew was there, or it will be the worst mistake of her life? WARNING: This collection includes plenty of racy outlaw motorcycle club intrigue & titilating graphic scenes.

It is intended for mature audiences only!

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