Artistic Photography

Artistic Photography
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January 13th 2015 by Amherst Media

Composition is the art of using carefully arranged lines, shapes, and colors within a photograph to direct the viewer’s eye through the frame. While digital image-editing programs provide various ways to change the composition after the photo is taken, the basic tenet “Good photos in, good photos out” remains true. For the best photo results, under any circumstances and in any location, photographers must carefully control the impact of every visual element that falls within the frame. In this book, Tom Gallovich shows readers how to use their camera’s exposure controls (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) to establish the focal point of the image and create the overall mood of the shot and choose a particular lens or focal-length setting to massage the way elements in the original scene will appear within the frame. Next, he presents chapters on using shape, color, lines, and arrangement to strengthen the intended visual message. Readers will learn how to best place their primary subject (and in some cases secondary subject) for maximum impact and will discover artistic strategies that reinforce that decision through careful use of color, tone, highlight and shadow, leading lines, curved shapes, and relative size—qualities that will contribute to the overall mood in the image. Copious illustrations emphasize the impact that putting these concepts into play will have on your images—and these are often coupled with images that show how ineffective images are when those important compositional needs are not attended to.

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