The Girl on the Train: By Paula Hawkins Summary & Analysis

The Girl on the Train: By Paula Hawkins   Summary & Analysis
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July 1st 2015

Note to Reader: This is a Summary & Analysis of Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins. You are encouraged to buy the full version. The main character, the girl on the train is Rachel, a lonely, alcoholic woman who rides the train to London every morning, keeping up the pretense that she still has a job. From the train she can see the house she had shared with her husband, Tom. He lives there now with his new wife and their daughter. It’s too painful for Rachel to look at her former home, so she looks four doors down to the home of an apparently happy couple. She has named them Jess and Jason, and has invented stories about their lives and feels as though she has a relationship with them. One morning she sees Jess kissing another man and the next day Jess has been reported missing. Rachel is certain she has vital information about the case, but the police have labeled her as an unreliable witness. Throughout the book the readers realize that Rachel’s blackouts are hiding dark truths about the night the woman Rachel calls Jess went missing. Get your copy today

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