Tom Morrow : Finding The Isle of Noam

Tom Morrow : Finding The Isle of Noam
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January 28th 2016

In this story about Tom Morrow, Tom has agreed to help Khrestos find the Isle of Noam and his lost love Raven La Morna. But to the old man Taidg, with his dog Madra, the legend of Raven is well known through stories told round the fireside, of his childhood home, by his mother. He often wished that he could be the old man, with the dog, who it was foretold would witness her castle rise out of the sea when the circle of ravens were seen at the time of the Spring Equinox. His wish was granted early one morning when he saw the ravens circling the very spot of the legend. It was just before he heard a mighty roar as the castle emerged from the sea exactly as his mother had recounted so long ago. That day Taidg's life changed forever. Not only was his wish granted but he became a good and true friend to Raven La Morna who invited him to come and live at the castle of Noam. She pined for Khrestos too. Taidg assured her that one day he would come in a ship that bore large white sails. Khrestos did come, as predicted, but without Tom Morrow. Because of one of the legendary storms whipped up by The Abbess Mariah, Tom had been washed overboard. Luckily he was rescued by Sian, the Mermaid, who took him to Raven Castle under the sea. Khrestos and all on board the ship, The Star of The Sea, thought Tom was lost. At Raven Castle, Tom learned much. He discovered the lost city of Atlantis, amongst others, before being taken to the Isle of Noam much to the chagrin of The Abbess Mariah. The story continues.

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