Body of Knowledge: A Novella (Desire Eternal Book 3)

Body of Knowledge: A Novella (Desire Eternal Book 3)
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May 25th 2015 by Ivory Gate Publishing

Three lives are forever changed by a visit to the Castle of the Hidden Grotto. “Readers will be… seduced by the lure of so many forbidden delights.” A Romance Review Dr. Elijah Wheeler, a professor of mythological studies, visits the castle along with his assistant, Thomas Lee, and his daughter Catherine. A self-described “disciple of the physical sciences,” Catherine rebuffs Tom’s marriage proposal in part because she scorns his field of study. But her conviction that all the mysteries of the world can be explained away by science is challenged when the sexually naive young woman is awakened by the invisible Darius to the pleasures of the flesh.

Elijah, intrigued by the lascivious satyr-and-nymph bathhouse statues, is transported back in time to witness Inigo and the voluptuous Mara posing for them. RT BookReviews Reviewers’ Choice Award Winner. This 86-page stand-alone novella is a revised and expanded edition of a story that was originally published by Bantam Dell in Book 1 of a paranormal series written under a different pen name. That book was an RT BookReviews Top Pick and was honored with their Reviewers’ Choice Award.

“The sensuality is what sets this story apart. Readers will be transfixed by the tableaux that [Crane] presents, and seduced by the lure of so many forbidden delights…. These stories will fascinate the reader and whet her appetite for the books to come.” –A Romance Review “The story line is unique… leading to a fascinatingly intense tale. Some of the sexual encounters are vividly graphic, but seems apropos when one considers the castle’s inhabitants and their sagas. Readers will want return engagements to this interesting castle.” –Genre Go Round The Desire Eternal Series: At the Castle of the Hidden Grotto, you’ll discover a world of sensuality and mystery, courtesy of four beautiful immortals who strive to fulfill their guests’ most secret longings—and their own unruly appetites. You’ll meet Elic, a tall Nordic álfr who can morph from male to female; Lili, an insatiable goddess of ancient Babylonia; Inigo, a handsome and playfully lusty satyr; and Darius, a shape-shifting djinni obligated to satisfy the unspoken desires of any human he touches. Step into the Castle of the Hidden Grotto and lose yourself in a realm of entrancement, temptation, and intoxicating passion. This series is comprised of stand-alone books containing complete stories. The Desire Eternal Books in Order: These are the books that are published or planned at this time. There will be more to come. Book 1: Immortal Possession, a novella Book 2: Lick of the Flame, a novel Book 3: Body of Knowledge, a novella Book 4: Demons of Flesh and Stone, a novella Book 5: Property of the Viscount, a novel Book 6: Certain Devils, a novella Book 7: The English Courtesan, a novel Book 8: Open to Instruction, a novella Book 9: That Lovin’ Feeling, a novel Book 10: Hunger,

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