Pitch Close Upsell Repeat: A Practical Guide to Sales Dominance

Pitch Close Upsell Repeat: A Practical Guide to Sales Dominance
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December 22nd 2015 by innerBrand Media: A Dave Anderson Comany

Have you ever felt that it was impossible to be a salesperson? According to David Anderson, America's Millenial Business Coach, everyone is a salesperson, but most just don't know it! Pitch Close Upsell Repeat is designed to help even the most timid individual approach sales and business as a game to be played with passion, intensity and fun. Having spent a more than 2 decade career in entertainment and marketing, David's knowledge comes from both a practical and innovative standpoint. David has worked with businesses from all walks of life.

As a salesperson and social media guru, David has generated millions of dollars in revenue for amazing brands ranging from Nutrisystem to Les Brown to iHeartMedia and Radio One.

It's those successes that inspired him to create http://ibranduniversity.com to help entrepreneurs grow and profit from their businesses.

If you're willing to do the work, David will bring you into his thought processes and numerous experiences in business, illustrating his 4 step plan for success: Pitch, Close, Upsell, Repeat

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